Taylor’s Creek Stream Mitigation Bank:

The Taylor’s Creek Stream Mitigation Bank has been authorized by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers—Charleston District—as a commercial stream mitigation bank within the Catawba River Watershed. The purpose of the bank is to provide compensatory mitigation for projects where on-site mitigation is not available, adequate, feasible, or practicable.

The Taylor's Creek Stream Mitigation Bank is located in central Fairfield County, South Carolina, approximately 35 miles north of Columbia, South Carolina. [Link to Service Area Map] It is located on 1,100 acres and includes seven miles of stream. The site is hydrologically connected to Lake Wateree one mile to the east. Lake Wateree is the terminus of the Catabwa River and the start of the Wateree River in South Carolina.

This mitigation bank is intended to provide stream restoration and preservation credits for applicants who have otherwise complied with the requirements of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Charleston District Section 404 permit review process. Mitigation credits from this bank may only be utilized for projects or activities that were properly authorized in accordance with all applicable state/federal laws and regulations. Additional information and/or assistance in calculating the number of credits needed for mitigation or purchasing credits from Taylor's Creek Stream Mitigation Bank can be obtained by contacting: info@taylorscreek.org
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